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Monday Mish-Mash


A Mish-Mash Saturday Morning Post

Hi, it’s me.  Rhonda.  It’s been a while.  I went on a spur-of-the-moment, self-imposed hiatus from the internet, just getting some things dealt with and sorted out.  Sometimes you just need to do that, you know?! 🙂

Over the last few weeks I”m afraid to admit I didn’t make it into my craft room.. unless I was putting something away.  I’m definitely having creative withdrawals and am excited to get back in there this week.


Click on the image to visit the html version of the catalog

On the 20th I’m putting on an informal Stampin’ Up! class for some friends.  I’ll be teaching them how to make a thank you card so I’m searching for some inspiration and ideas.  The brand new 2013-2014 annual catalogue just came out.  So many great new stamps and embellishments it’s hard to decide which to get first.  And then on June 1st, the Best of Stamp collection set for June was also unveiled, called Best of Greetings.

Best of Greetings 133485
Clear mount $17.95 CDN

Shannon and I went on our first bus trip together.  Lakeshore Tours and Travel is a wonderful travel agency in Bowmanville.  They sell regular travel but they also have their own bus tour division.  Single day trips to multi-week international tours, and everything in-between.  I highly recommend you visit them and their website. You won’t be disappointed.

I thought it would be nice for Shannon and I to take some trips together this summer before she goes off to college and so we decided and booked the St. Jacobs day trip along with another day trip to Casa Loma in July.

Last weekend was the St. Jacobs trip.  At 8:30 on Saturday morning we met the bus at the Oshawa Centre and from there, we were on our way!

Farmers Market in St. Jacobs
Click on the image to visit the St Jacobs website for information on this great little town.

It was amazing.  I was thrilled not to have to worry about driving, or parking, or too little trunk space!  We visited the St. Jacobs farmers market and outlet stores where we picked up a few things for Shannon’s apartment.

Then we took the bus over to the village for the afternoon.  I just love St. Jacobs and haven’t been out there, for gosh! over 6 years!!  It hadn’t changed much thank goodness.  The silos were still there with the artisans working away and I was really happy to see my pottery maker was still there making beautiful pottery.  Shannon and I picked up another piece.  A salsa bowl.  The colour pattern is different to what I’ve picked up in the past but it seemed appropriate to chose something a little different.

La Creme — one of my favourite stores in St. Jacobs

We also enjoyed a stop at Picard Peanuts where Shannon stocked up on tons of dill pickle peanuts (personally — yuck!! lol)  Then, to end the day, a stop at Crossroads for a buffet dinner and more shopping.  It was a lovely day, the weather was perfect, and best of all, we had a great time together.  Coming home was great — no fighting the traffic!  I had my feet up, lounging across 2 seats and enjoyed 2 hours on a roomy bus across from Shannon while we read our books and chatted 🙂  We’re already making plans to bus it out there later this summer!

As you know I quit smoking 19 weeks ago now.. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that!! Yay me!  We had a family bbq this past Saturday and I was a little worried being outside for the first time this season around all family that smokes but I was ok.  I felt just a tiny pang of a craving to have one but then I caught wind of the smell of the cigarettes around me and it turned me off immediately! 🙂

Have you heard of the 52 week money jar challenge?

If you Google it you’ll come across positive and negative comments about it.  I think it goes without saying that this isn’t a responsible way to save for anything serious such as your retirement or a house .. but for fun; for a specific smaller goal, a treat that you’re saving for, this is a cute and fun way to do it.

So, if you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about it because I’m doing it.  I have a jar, I’ve put my first $1 in as required for week 1, I’ve created and printed off a 52 Week Money Jar Challenge pdf chart for starting on June 1 (click on the link to view the pdf file — or the one at the end of this paragraph if you want to start January 1.)  Basically for each week you put in that much in dollars.  So week 1 is $1, week 19 is $19 and so on.  By the end of 52 weeks $1378 dollars is saved!    (Just incase you’re interested, 52 week challenge pdf chart for Jan 1 start date is available by clicking here.)

Now I just have to figure out what fun thing I can do with that money 🙂 And yes, it will be something fun, something just for me, something in celebration of quitting smoking.

A few months ago I mentioned that my husband and I had separated.  I’m happy to say that we are working towards a reconciliation and hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll be back together.  Thanks everyone for your love and support.

Hope you’re having a great day and are out enjoying the sunshine.  I’ll be back later this week with some samples of cards I’m making.  Tomorrow is going to be exciting.  My sister and I have a Stampin’ Up! shipment scheduled for delivery tomorrow afternoon 😀  which means I’ve got some new stamping supplies to play with!! lol  Till next time..

PS – The monthly hostess mystery code has been updated for June.