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Thursday Tips, Tricks n’ Techniques


A HUGE HELLO and Happy Valentine’s Day

to all my Crafty Friends!!!

Woooo.. It’s Valentine’s Daylove is in the air, and everything is just a little bit more special than normal.  I once heard someone say that you can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself — and I believe that wholeheartedly.. so, today is extra special!  Regardless of whether you have someone to share the day with — Make sure you

Take a moment today to appreciate You!

Today’s video technique is from Stamp TV and I just love the the effect it gives.. and you’ll need it for next week’s Creative Challenge on Monday 🙂

Isn’t that the neatest technique?? Just remember to use new bleach, it really does make a difference!

The tip of the week:

… isn’t about crafting per say, but rather, about scheduling time to craft.  Yes, you heard me right!  Doesn’t sound very relaxing — another appointment to keep..  but it’s one thing that you can do for you, and as the majority of us are mothers and wives or girlfriends, daughters or grandmothers.. , it’s very easy to push “our” time aside because other things (or other people and their priorities) pop up.

Unfortunately, before you know it.. the entire week has passed and you’ve spend not one moment getting crafty.  So, schedule an appointment with yourself.. and make a commitment to give yourself a little break from all your responsibilities.  Write it on the calendar and stick to it!  Unwind, relax, make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine and get crafty — Not only do you benefit, but everyone around you does.

Don’t believe me.. Keep reading 🙂

Martha Stewart Living – Nov 2012

Why is there an image of Martha Stewart Living magazine?  Well! Because, in their November 2012 issue they had an article called, “This is Your Brain on Crafts.”  If you click on the image, you can download a pdf version of the article.

If you need another reason in addition my tip (not that you’d need another reason, of course! lol,) to reclaim crafting time, take a moment to read that article — maybe it will sway you to take some time for yourself and benefit from a great stress-relieving hobby!

Or use it as proof — it’s not just you and I saying you need craft-time, but, you know, it’s been published in Martha Stewart’s magazine “and EVERYTHING!” – so it HAS to be important!

Hope you have a wonderful day!