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Oh My Goodness! I’ve Discovered 3D


Hello everyone 🙂 Today was a crafting day and while perusing blogs last week, I discovered a really cute 3D box design that I decided to try.  It’s called the Explosion Box.  There are several variations and they can get extremely complicated and intricate.  As this was my first one, I kept it reasonable simple.  This is the one I made.

3d box

Isn’t it cute?  To open, you just pull off the lid… and it explodes open.  I made this box for Shannon.  A little something to let her know I love her and to remind her that anything is possible.  I included a couple of retired dangling charm trinkets from Stampin’ Up!  Shannon and I both have a thing for keys — they symbolize opening doors to opportunities, possibilities and following your dreams (or at least they do for me.)   And, we like crowns too 🙂  ’cause, you know.. I am a queen and she is a princess! lol

3d box 2

It’s a very easy box to create.  Below you’ll find the basic instructions to make your own 3x3x3 explosion box with lid.

  1. For the box, cut from card stock 9″ x 9″
  2. For the lid, cut from card stock 5 1/8″ x 5 1/8″

To make the box:

  1. Score your box card stock vertically at 3″ and 6″; repeat horizontally.  You will have 9 squares.
  2. Cut the 4 corners on the diagonal, from score mark to score mark.
  3. Score the 4 cut corners from the center of where you just cut to the scored lines.  You will have 5 scored squares in the shape of a “+” and at each corner, 2 triangle shapes.
  4. Using my picture above as a guide and fold all the score lines.  The corners will fold into the inside of the box.  When you’re done you have the basic box shape.

To make the lid:

  1. Score your lid card stock vertically at 1″ and 4 1/8″; repeat horizontally.
  2. Cut and notch at the 2 score lines on one side of the lid; repeat on the opposite side.
  3. Using bone folder, fold all score lines.
  4. Adhere the 4 notched flaps on the inside of the lid.

I’m also including the original video I watched from Splitcoaststampers that I used as my inspiration — and explains (better than I) how to make it.  If I remember correctly the instructions in the video are for a box 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.  I’ll have to watch it again. lol  If you haven’t heard of Splitcoaststampers you really need to visit their website — it’s awesome!

I hope you enjoy my exploding box pictures and the Splitcoaststampers video.  Have I inspired you to make one yourself?  I think this is a great idea for packaging small gifts.

I also decorated one of the boxes from the Boutiques Boxes Designer Printed Kit.  That’s coming in another post 🙂