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Originally posted November 25, 2010


Buttons are used for many things.  Most people don’t pay any special attention to them.  They’re used to close things like your favourite pair of jeans, or as one of my daughters loves to do — glue together to make button people.

For me, buttons hold a very special place in my heart.  They remind me of my Nanny.  A very, very special woman who used to keep what seemed like a never-ending supply of them in a drawer when I was little.  This drawer was in her sheet music cabinet that had a kazillion other drawers, all filled with neat things.  You can imagine how a little girl would be enamoured with a chest like that and fascinated with all the little treasures stored inside.

On every visit to Nanny’s, we would open the button drawer and dump them all over the dining room table.  My sister and I would spend countless minutes sorting them, looking for the “neat” ones (probably fighting over which ones we’d each have).  Afterwards we would string all the buttons onto yarn, and eat boiled eggs with toast soldiers as only Nanny can make.

Crocheted button garland

Creative Jewish Mom Blog – some ideas on using all those buttons, along with other creative projects. Highly recommend checking out her blog 🙂

There isn’t a person out there that I’ve met that can hold a candle to my Nan.  A woman so strong (thank you Nanny for passing that gene along :D) and kind, she has given of herself to so many, an inspiration to numerous.  A survivor of many hardships, yet you’d never know – even I didn’t know until recently.  Not a saint, she has a stubborn side (hmm.. wonder where I get that from??).  One should aspire to be like her, yet few, even if they tried, would be capable of being the person she is.

Nanny is in my thoughts most days.  She’s in the hospital again after a fall.  No broken bones, I don’t know why they keep her.  I hope every day that she will be released and back to running circles around us all.

More often than not, I wonder how hard it would be to just sneak in, bundle her up, and bring her home – this, of course, would happen after we ran all the errands she promised to do for the “old” people, and baked 30 pies from scratch for a bake sale to help raise money for something or other.

I love you Nan.  Always.

… and buttons too 🙂

An addendum:

My Nan passed away last year, on the 29th of February.  Told you she was a special woman — passing away on a day that only comes around every 4 years!  So like her to do that 🙂

Miss you, Nan.

Love always, Rhonda xo