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I will not state the obvious!


Yes I will!  It’s been forever since I’ve been on here!!! Ok, lots has happened since the last post and what you’ll be most interested in is that I’ve been crafting 🙂  So, over the next 7+ days I have set up a post schedule for each day a card or whatever that I’ve been doing will be published at 9am.

But first..

You may recall my amaryllis bulb — it did bloom 🙂 And then I had to cut it back and then it grew big leaf things and then it toppled over so now it’s just a bulb again and I’m guessing it will bloom again?? I don’t know, but, for $5.00 it was a truly beautiful sight for a few weeks.


My beautiful Amaryllis 🙂

I’m growing an Amaryllis, hopefully





At two weeks..


Woohooo!! It’s been four weeks and just look at how my little flower plant is growing..


I have no idea how long it takes before blooms arrive but I’ll post a new picture in few weeks so you can share in my excitement. 🙂