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What is a Monthly Mystery Hostess Event?

A Mystery Hostess Event is a monthly event where small orders (less than $200) can be pooled together and everyone who participates benefits from sharing the hostess dollars.  This event is held by me, Rhonda Waechter, your Stampin’ Up! demonstrator each month.

On the 1st of every month, I will post a new hostess code at the top of my sidebar.

The hostess code will be valid from the 1st until the 25th of the same month.

Place a Stampin’ Up! order through me using the hostess code found on my sidebar to be entered into that months event.

At the end of the event, I will calculate your share of the Hostess Mystery Dollars* and issue you a Mystery Hostess gift certificate for the amount you have qualified for.

Please note: Stampin’ Up! does NOT allow me to sell their products outside Canada.  My Mystery Hostess Event is only available in Canada.

What Are Hostess Dollars?


Hostess dollars are a benefit and reward you can receive (either alone or collectively) by placing Stampin’ Up! product orders totaling at least $200+ (before taxes and shipping.)

Hostess dollars are like regular dollars except they can only be used to purchase Stampin’ Up! products and have no cash value.  I am running a Monthly Mystery Hostess event to allow everyone who participates the benefit of hostess dollars to use to purchase any current Stampin’ Up! product for FREE even if their individual order is less than $200.


This is possible because we’re pooling our purchases.  To make it fair, everyone will share in the hostess rewards based on the contributing percentage of their order to the total order.  Keep reading, it will make sense.

When will this start?

Starting April 1, 2013, I will be posting a new hostess code at the top of my sidebar each month that will be valid from the 1st to the 25th.  When you place a Stampin’ Up! order, use the hostess code for that month.  When the event ends, the hostess dollars accumulated will be divided amongst all the shoppers, based on each individuals order value.

An example:

Combined orders for April under the April Mystery Hostess code totaled $200.  Of the $200, you contributed $50 worth of purchases (before taxes and shipping.)  Therefore, 25% of the total April sales ($50/$200) under the mystery code belongs to you.

The hostess dollars at the $200 level is $20.  25% of $20 ($35 x 25%) is $5.00.

You’ll receive a Mystery Hostess gift certificate** in the amount of $5.00 to be used on any Stampin’ Up! product order placed through me within one year.

How do you redeem Gift Certificates issued by Rhonda Waechter, Independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator:

Email your order to me, including a new hostess code if you want to be part of that months mystery hostess event.

I will enter the order through the secure demonstrator portal and apply your gift certificate, as well as enter your hostess code.

I will then email you the full details of the order including any balances (either owing or left for use at another time.)  If there is an amount owing, you have the option of paying by Interac eTransfer or Paypal.  Once the amount owing is paid, the order is finalized and your order will be shipped from Stampin’ Up!



*Mystery Hostess Dollars for each event do not start accumulating until a minimum of $200 in collective orders has occurred.

Mystery Hostess Gift certificates issued by Rhonda Waechter may be accumulated but must be used within one year of issue.

Mystery Hostess Gift certificates issued by Rhonda Waechter have no cash value and are not valid with any other demonstrator.  The Stampin’ Up! corporation will not honour gift certificates issued by an independent demonstrator, including Rhonda Gabriele.

The value of Mystery Hostess gift certificates do not qualify for participation in the Mystery Hostess Event, only the dollar value after the gift certificate has been redeemed will qualify.


You place order of $25 less Mystery Hostess gift certificate redemption of $8.75.  The qualifying order total will be $16.25 ($25-$8.75). 

Using a $200 monthly Mystery Hostess event total example:  Your qualifying order is $16.25/$200 total event sales = You receive 8% of the Mystery Hostess Dollars.

The Hostess dollars the event qualifies for at the $200 level is $35 (see table above,) therefore, your hostess benefit would be $35 x 8% = $2.80

**To redeem a gift certificate issued by me:  You must place your order through me directly (the link will open your email program to send me an email.)  Stampin’ Up! will not honour gift certificates issued by their demonstrators, and unfortunately, Stampin’ Up! does not provide the ability to redeem a gift certificate through any of the Stampin’ Up! webstores.

This means, I must place the order directly for you if you are redeeming my gift certificates.  Please see above for further information regarding redeeming gift certificates.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment.  I will reply and create a FAQ section if necessary 🙂

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