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My Clue – 2013 Fall Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt



Woohoo!!! Congratulations! You’ve found “My Clue”

Tea Lace Paper Doilies 129399

Tea Lace Paper Doilies 129399

Welcome to the annual fall Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt!  You’ve found my clue.  Now you just need another 49 and you can send in your list.  The contest deadline is October 25, 2013 at midnight (PST.)

For full details, please click on the Treasure Hunt link at the top of my blog and choose, “2013 Fall Treasure Hunt” for all the rules and information you need to participate.  Or, click HERE to go directly to the page.  Also, I’ve included a handy excel spreadsheet for tracking the blogs and clues that you find and you can download the template from that page.

For a convenient list of participating blogs, click on the Treasure Hunt link at the top of my blog and choose, “LNS Participating Treasure Hunt Blogs.”  Or, click HERE to go directly to the page.  Happy Hunting 🙂


Important! Late Night Stampers 2013 Spring Treasure Hunt Update

2013 LNS Spring Treasure Hunt

2013 LNS Spring Treasure Hunt

Hi everyone! For those of you playing please note some important information:

You will need 50 clues.

There aren’t 50 participating blogs to hunt on YET.  As the deadline is not until mid May, the ladies running the hunt have decided that 50 clues will still be needed since LNS members are continuing to sign up even though we have already started.

What this means is you will need to check the participating blog list each week to make sure you’ve visited all blogs and find any new ones that have been added.  I will be updating my list as we go along as soon as I’m informed of new participating blogs.  I will also start adding a notation marking when the blog was added.

Sorry about the confusion.

Don’t forget to check out my Treasure Hunt page for a downloadable excel spreadsheet to keep track of all 50 clues and for full rules. My clue is in a post on my blog, titled: “My Clue.”  I hope you enjoy hunting for it 🙂
Have a great day!!

MY CLUE – 2013 Spring LNS Treasure Hunt

2013 LNS Spring Treasure Hunt

2013 LNS Spring Treasure Hunt

Woohoo!!! Congratulations! You’ve found “My Clue”

My Clue - Brayer

My Clue – Brayer

For a “clickable” list of all participating blogs.. click HERE

For the full details of the LNS 2013 Spring Treasure Hunt.. visit my “Treasure Hunt” page HERE

For a stamping sampling of what you can do with the brayer.. visit my brayer post HERE (coming soon)

There’s something exciting about to happen — The 2013 Spring Treasure Hunt


There’s something exciting making a comeback – you’re gonna like it!

The Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt is in prep mode, and we’re set to start another Hunt on March 1st!

The LNS demonstrators are gathering their clues, updating their blogs, and getting prizes ready….. and once again, there will be a


So, just to refresh – on March 1st, look for my blog post that says ‘My Clue’.  Find my clue (it’ll be in that post), and then find 49 more clues from 49 other demo’s blogs (there will be a list of LNS blogs of participating demos for you to see), then you’ll email me your completed list no later than May 12th to be entered for the Grand Prize!  I just may have a prize of my own to offer for a draw for everyone who emails me their qualifying list 🙂


So, sharpen your pencils, get your paper ready and polish up your spyglass – to get ready for the 2013 Spring Treasure Hunt!  Full details can be found at the top of my blog under the page called, “Treasure Hunt”

Until then – don’t forget about the current Sale-a-bration (SAB) promotion that’s going on till March 22, where every order of $60 means one FREE SAB item!