How to Get your Acyrlic Blocks to Stick to your Stamps


This has been an ongoing issue for me.  I had invested in the block collection and was only buying the clear mounted stamps.  The stamps kept falling off the blocks.  I’ve wasted countless pieces of cardstock and have ruined near complete cards due to inked stamps falling off in the middle of stamping.  It got to the point where I stopped buying the clear stamps.   I would avoid using them on a project, and when I  did, I didn’t bother with the block, only using my fingers or rolls of tape.


It looks like that’s all about to change 😀  The trick is to NOT adhere to graphic sticker on to the stamp.  Just pull the stamps out of the sheet, take off the backing and that’s it.  Works like a charm and they are super clingy!  As for the graphic stickers – I’ve been sticking them to the inside of the case.

rhonda copy


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