Thursdays Tips, Tricks, and Techniques


Hello everyone! It’s a gorgeous, sunshiny day here.  Feels like the first one in ages and I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy it.  But first, I want to share this weeks technique.  It’s really cool!

Told ya!  How cool is that?? A card that looks like tiles!

I’m making my own version to post over the weekend.

My tip this week relates to colour theory. 

Having a background in art and design, I have taken several courses in colour theory and design principles.  Understanding colours and how they relate to each other; using the feelings they purport to invoke along with choosing combinations based on the impact they will have – to the viewer/wearer or the design itself is really fascinating and makes for a very interesting course.  So, if you get the chance, I highly recommend learning about colour theory and design principles.  Or.. come to think of it — stay tuned to my blog.. I think I might add a new section on those topics.

Anyway.. back to my tip.

Roy G Biv!


A name easy to remember and an acronym for the colours in sequence in the rainbow.  It also help to remember when you’re placing multiple colours side by side on your card/scrapbooking projects.  These colours in sequence: red; orange; yellow; green; blue; indigo; violet; red; orange and so on..  whether backwards or forwards, you’ll have the most pleasing to the eye colour flow if you place the colours in sequence based on Roy G Biv.

A card example using Roy G Biv, made by a fellow demo, Carey Escobedo:

roygbiv sample2

Click image to visit Carey’s blog



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