A random post — I’m in Pink Panther Heaven <3



It’s true! It all started over a conversation a few weeks ago about Pink Panther (one of the new ones) and I was pretending to be the Inspector Clouseau..

I — Iiiii.. Would — wooooooooooooodd.. Like — Liiiike.. To Buy — tooo bi.. A — aaaaaa.. Hamburger! — a-buuuuuugarrr!!

A clip so you can see part of the scene yourself.  Steve Martin is hilarious as usual.  With the exception of one movie that I just didn’t like (Shopgirl,) I would watch anything he acted in.

We were killing ourselves laughing.  I admit, I’m pretty skilled in my rendition of that scene! lol

Just before we left, my sister and brother-in-law lent their original Pink Panther film collection.  The original, The Pink Panther, came out in 1963!  I’m really enjoying them.  Peter Sellers is just terrific.  So far I’ve watched:

After this, Revenge of the Pink Panther and Trail of the Pink Panther.  If you enjoy the remake versions of Pink Panther then you really should make a point to find copies of the original movies or get the 6-disc dvd set and watch them — they are not to be missed, really.  I just love the set and costume design too.

Rhonda Gabriele

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  1. So glad that your enjoying the movies, I wouldn`t of watched them myself, but after watching the new one with Steve Martin I knew I had to watch the original`s. Such a great set of Movies!!! I should watch them again when I`ve got time.!

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