A Mish-Mash Saturday Morning Post

It’s the weekend!! Woohoo!  This week has been a little stressful.  Year-ends and tax time — I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. lol  Not long now and it’ll all be a distant memory until next year.

I admit, I haven’t enjoyed a Friday night bottle of wine as much as I did last night!

This week has also been March Break!  Shannon has been off all week and going here, there, and everywhere 🙂  She’s finishing off her break with a weekend away.


Did you know March is National Craft Month?  I didn’t either, but it is!  No day off though 😦  I should probably do something in celebration — I’ll have to give that some thought.. hmm, what can I make?

I started reading Pride and Prejudice this week.  I just love Jane Austen.  I received a (purple!! woohoo!) Kobo reader at Christmas and the book was one of the ones included for free.  I’ve read it several times before yet I always enjoy reading it again.  Funny how I can do that with the classics but try rereading a contemporary novel and I just skim through the pages and within minutes put it back on the shelf.

Secret Life of Bees (the movie) was on tv this week.  I really enjoyed the book (and the movie the first time!,) so I had to watch the movie again.  Not to mention: Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes, and Jennifer Hudson are all in the movie and I like them all.

As you know, I quit smoking, and am on the Nicoderm patch.  Yay, me!  I moved up to step 3 on Thursday.. another 10 days and I’ll be officially nicotine free, and hopefully, will be able to sleep soundly then, too.  The one side-effect that I have on this system — extremely hard time falling asleep even with removing the patch at 9pm.  Also, due to the change in steps I was “on edge” and am happy to announce that everyone around survived my adjustment period.  I won’t become one of those ex-smokers that harps on everyone around me to quit.  You have to want to do it yourself, only you can make that decision.  I will just say.. if you’re going to quit, I highly recommend the patch system and chocolate — lots of chocolate — of course, then you’ll need a good diet and exercise program afterwards.  Thankfully, I have just enough time to get back in shape before the summer!


Did you order Paper Pumpkin?  Did you choose me as your demo when you did?? This is the first month of the subscription service and the boxes for March were all shipped out this week — Fedex is at this very moment handling our boxes!!  Shannon, Zoe, and I are looking forward to receiving the first kit on Monday by 5 p.m. 🙂

So a quiet week all-in-all — just the way I like it.  What’s happening today?  Waiting for my sister to come visit in about an hour! 🙂  Zoe is putting in her first Stampin’ Up! order today 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Don’t forget to check out the Late Night Stampers Spring Treasure Hunt (if you haven’t already!)  I’ve updated the participating blogs.  Also, Paper Pumpkin subscriptions are accepted anytime so sign up today to start receiving the cute project kits each month.  And don’t forget, Sale-A-Bration ends on the 22nd of March.



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  1. Hi Rhonda! Just wanted to say good luck and “way to go girl!!” I think that you are quitting smoking is so very awesome!

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