Playing with Feathers


Hi!  Thanks for joining me today.  This is the challenge that sparked my creativity yesterday:

We have a few simple rules to keep things fun and fair for all of our players:
  1. Please use any crafting product you would like to use.
  2. Feel free to combine our sketch with up to THREE other challenges.
  3. Please add a DIRECT link to your blog when adding your card to the linky below.
  4. Please include our sketch and a link back to Freshly Made Sketches on your post.
  5. Have fun!
This challenge will end on Monday, February 11th at Noon (PST). On Tuesday, we will be announcing the winner of this week’s sketch challenge who will known as the “Queen of Clean” and each Design Team Member will choose one “Princess”.

Don’t forget if you’d like to play along, read more information or look at more inspiration, click on the Freshly Made Sketch image above to visit their website.

A while ago, I was in the dollar store and had picked up a package of assorted coloured feathers.  They had stayed in their package for several months, until yesterday, when I had an inspiration of something I could do with them.

It wasn’t the plan to use them, the feathers, I was working on a card for the new challenge from Freshly Made Sketches and once I was done with the card, I was onto another one.  The card for the challenge was made using discontinued paper from Stampin’ Up! I had liked the corset images and had decided to use one of the corsets as a focal point for the card.

This is the card for the challenge:

Sketches #72

Sketches #72

From there, another card with more of a burleque feel to it had emerged in my mind and I was playing with that when the feathers caught my eye — after all, when you think of burlesque, do you not think of old saloons, corsets, and feather boas?

This is what I created:

Image 2

I may colour in parts of the corset too.. it almost feels like it’s in too much contrast to the rest of the card.  Decisions, decisions!!

And then.. not leaving well enough alone, I had to add some feathers to my first creation.  They’re not affixed as I’m still playing with the idea and not sure if the white and turquoise feather should be included.  What do you think?  Was is finished without the feathers or should some stay?  I just can’t decide.

Image 1

Looks like it will be another quiet day at home.  It’s already 10 AM and everybody is still sleeping (except for me.)  I’m going to enjoy it though.. Monday and the rest of the week will come soon enough! lol

Till next time..



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  1. I like both with the feathers, it adds that little bit more to the card, nice texture!!!. I do agree with you on your burlesque card, the corset needs something more to help it stand out a bit, adding a bit of colour would look awesome!!

    • Thanks, Zoe 🙂 I removed the white and blue feather and just left the beige ones.. it looks finished now 🙂 I like it! And yes, I agree, after looking at the burlesque card this morning, I agree it needs a bit of colouring. I’m going to play with another image before I start colouring on the card — I don’t want to ruin it now that it’s put together.

      • That funny, cause I was going to say remove the blue one (didn’t notice the white one) and knowing you, i already knew you would possible stamp another image and play with colour B4 doing it on the one that is already affixed to the card. Also just FYI, I made it to my craft room today, after gathering inspiration from your blog and Links that you have and made 3 cards that I’m much happier with. 🙂

      • That’s really great!!! I’m so happy for you, Zoe! I know what it’s like to be at a loss.. I felt that many times lol especially when you were making those gorgeous Christmas tree decorations last year and all I did was sit in my craft room “organizing” stuff and not accomplishing much of anything. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done! I didn’t make it into my craft room today — had a very lazy day on the sofa watching chick flicks 🙂

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