Fimo Santa Ornament


Another post from my old blog.. moved over 🙂  Bet you weren’t expecting Christmas in February!!


Prep Time: Approx. 45 minutes for each Santa (not including baking time)

Supplies needed:

  • Fimo clay per santa:
  •     ¾ package of white
  •     ½ package of flesh tone plus extra for the nose and cheeks
  •     ¼ package of red
  •     small amount of green and black
  • Permanent marker for inscribing the back
  • Parchment paper
  • Baking sheet
  • Transparent gloss acrylic paint
  • Ribbon or other ornament hanger

Not necessary but makes it sooooo much easier:

  • Clay extractor with circle discs
  • Clay sculpting tools

Would have used if I had thought about it ahead of time:

  • Black glass beads for eyes
  • Jingle bell for hat as the pompom



Use the picture as a guide for making your own ornament.

  1. Warm and mold flesh coloured clay in your hands to create the shape a ball.  Press flat on work surface or parchment paper if using.  Mold circle into an egg shape (approx. 1½” x 2”.)
  2. Using the red, warm and mold into a ball, then shape into a triangle shape.  Roll the triangle until one side will wrap across the top ¼ of the egg and down either side.  Shape the top peak over to create the look of a touque.  Only press the tip of the clay to the hat leaving a hole between the clay that can be used to affix a ribbon for hanging (alternatively, create a hole to use once baked for attaching a hanger.)
  3. Warm and mold white clay into cylinders (if using extractor tool).  Create two different sized spaghetti-like forms.  Use approx.. ¾ of clay for the larger diameter and the other ¼ of clay for the smaller spaghetti shape.
  4. Set aside about 4” of the larger spaghetti – this is used to make the eyebrows and mustache.
  5. Coil the spaghetti to create a variety of circles, breaking the clay off.  Use one coil for the pompom on the hat.  Once they’re coiled, add them to the bottom of the egg face, along the sides and up to the hat.  Layer them and mix the coils so there are a variety of sizes that look aesthetically pleasing to you.
  6. Using the picture as a guide, make a set of eyebrows and a mustache.  Attach the eyebrows
  7. Either pushing in beads for eyes or using tiny balls of black, attach to face under eyebrows.
  8. Roll three balls of flesh to create the nose and cheeks.  Push into place under eyes.
  9. Attach the mustache.
  10. Using a large circle disc, create the trim of the hat and attach.
  11. Transfer the ornament on parchment to a baking sheet and bake according to the clay manufacturer’s directions.
  12. Once cold, use a permanent marker to inscribe the back.
  13. Seal the ornament and inscription with clear gloss paint.
  14. Attach a ribbon or hanger.


What I would try next time:

Create two small holes in the hat tip through to the back to attach a bell with wire.

Use beads instead of clay for the eyes.


I’m unable to give credit to the original designer of this ornament as it came from a craft magazine many years ago.

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