What’s going on with my Mixed Media Ballerina Series??


Last year I finished the first of 3 in a series of mixed media ballerinas.

Ballerina Series, 1

Ballerina Series, 1

I am now working on the second and third… this is as far as I’ve come

Ballerina Series, 2 & 3 (partially complete)

Ballerina Series, 2 & 3 (partially complete)

I thought I’d better give an update before everyone thought I’d completely given up on completing my project 🙂

So my next step is to attach the ballerinas and add the antique newspaper (a VERY messy step!)  You’ll recall the newspaper was found by my brother-in-law in an attic during a renovation he was working on.  I love it and only have a small amount so I’ve been saving it for special projects like this series.



I’ll update again in a little while after I get further along.  Hope everyone is having a warm and happy weekend!


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